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Reserve your space at this year’s SENTECH Plasma Process Technology Seminar on 16 March 2023, in Berlin-Adlershof.
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Welcome to the team Côme Chevailler, our new France-based SENTECH distributor.→read more

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At the recent GaN Marathon 2022, a workshop designed to present research and the latest results for gallium nitride in microelectronics and optoelectronics, Christian Miersch, PhD student at Fraunhofer IISB, received a “Best Student Presentation Award” based on his talk "Low Damage Etching of Nitride Semiconductors".→read more

ALPIN-Photo-IMS-IMC-MST-Sentech-FlexTMDSense team

In association with Fraunhofer IMS, Ruhr Universität Bochum (RUB) and Inorganic Materials Chemistry (IMC), the ALPIN Workshop, once again provided an excellent platform for industrial and academic partners, to learn more about Atomic Layer Processes and the latest research results on this constantly developing topic. →read more

ICP-RIE Plasma Etching:

Plasma_cryogenicSiPlasma_lithographyPlasma etching result of VCSEL structure using Ar-Cl2 gas mixtureEtching process result of Si-DRIE (SF6-C4F8-O2) post O2 cleanPlasma etching result of SF6-C4F8 based gas chopping process(IAP-Jena)ICP PECVD TEOS SiO2 film step coverage over Si ridge(IISB-Erlangen)ICP RIE result of SF6O2-C4F8-based Si gas chopping process

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