Smart Table-Top System


Low cost table top lifetime measurement system for characterisation of a variety of different silicon samples at different preparation stages with manual handling. Optional hand operated z-axis for thicker samples up to 156 mm bricks. Standard software for result visualisation.

The MDPspot includes an additional resistivity measurement option. Resistivity measurements for silicon only, either for wafers without height adjustment possibility, or for bricks. One of these two options has to be predefined.


  • Table top unit for single point measurements of carrier lifetime, multi- or mono-crystalline silicon at different preparation stages, from as- grown up to final devices.
  • Small size, low cost and easy to use. Comes with a basic software for result visualisation on a small PC or notebook.
  • Suitable for wafers up to bricks, with easy to handle height adjustment.

Documents   To get more information, please contact SENTECH GmbH or visit Freiberg Instruments.

Documents   To get more information, please click here or visit Freiberg Instruments.