Laser ellipsometer SE 400adv PV


World standard for ARC

Currently over 330 of SE 400adv PV laser ellipsometer are in use to characterize antireflective coatings all over the world.

Analysis of rough surfaces

High sensitivity and ultra-low noise detection allow for measuring on non-ideal, stray light causing surfaces typical for textured mono- and multicrystalline silicon solar cells.

Extraordinary accuracy

Extraordinary high stability and accuracy are main features of SE 400adv PV laser ellipsometer due to stable laser light source, temperature stabilized compensator setup, and ultra low noise detector.

The multiple angle laser ellipsometer SE 400adv PV provides film thickness and refractive index of antireflective single films on textured monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon wafers at the HeNe laser wavelength of 632.8 nm. Exchangeable wafer holders allow for measurements on multicrystalline wafers and alkaline textured monocrystalline wafers.

The SE 400adv PV laser ellipsometer can especially analyze coatings of SiNx, ITO, TiO2 and thin passivation layers of SiO2 and Al2O3. Double layer stacks can be analyzed on smooth substrates.

The SE 400adv PV is a compact instrument, quickly up and running. SENTECH easy-to-use, recipe oriented software includes a comprehensive package of predefined applications that fit the requirements of R & D as well as of quality control in production environments.

portable laser ellipsometer for photovoltaic applications is available for setting up and testing large PECVD systems long before the whole production line is running.


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Documents   To get more information, please click here.