SENDURO®MEMS - Thin film quality control

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Thin film quality control in Sensor and MEMS production

SENTECH launches the SENDURO®MEMS for fully automatic metrology quality control in Sensor and MEMS production. The SENDURO®MEMS provides reliable and precise measurement of thin film stacks, using spectroscopic reflectometry and ellipsometry. Wafers are loaded from standard cassettes and recipes carry out the quality control measurements. In Sensor and MEMS production, often, double-sided wafers are processed and backside protection is mandatory. The SENDURO®MEMS offers advanced edge grip technology for wafer backside protection. The SENDURO®MEMS benefits from SENTECH comprehensive experience in thin film metrology, as demonstrated in SpectraRay/4 software.

Backside protection by edge grip technology

The SENDURO®MEMS allows the handling of double-sided wafers. Edge grip wafer handling is available for 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm wafers. C to C automatic wafer handling uses robot, pre-aligner, and 25-slot cassettes. Single point and multiple point measurements are supported by up to 200 mm x-y mapping. Pattern recognition is available for microspot spectroscopic ellipsometry using a 100 x 100 µm2 measurement spot.

Comprehensive thin film analysis software SpectraRay/4

The SENDURO®MEMS is operated by the SENTECH SpectraRay/4 software. It provides a high level of flexibility in measuring the broad range of films and layer stacks as it is common in sensor and MEMS production. The SECS/GEM software interface option supports the communication between manufacturing execution system (MES) and QC equipment (SENDURO®MEMS).

The SENDURO®MEMS is designed for precise and repeatable measurement of film thickness, refractive index, and extinction coefficient of materials relevant to MEMS and sensor fabrication:

  • Silicon oxide, silicon nitride, silicon oxynitride
  • Amorphous silicon, polysilicon
  • Photoresist, polyimide
  • Thin metal films of Al, Pt, Cr and conductive films of TiN, TaN, TCO and ITO
  • Single films and layer stacks of these materials on silicon wafers, silicon-on insulator substrates, silicon membranes, GaN on silicon, SiC, and more,  used in MEMS and sensor production.

The SENDURO®MEMS is a very cost effective metrology platform for quality control in sensor and MEMS production.

The SENDURO®MEMS can be configured to the requirements of production control and QC. Starting with the most cost effective reflectometry measurements. More sophisticated layer systems may require a spectroscopic ellipsometer tool or even in addition a spectroscopic reflectometer. The SENDURO®MEMS can be configured with all these tools.

The SENDURO®MEMS can be configured with µ-spot measurements in reflectometry and ellipsometry, and pattern recognition which provides the accurate measurement location. All measurements can be combined with the edge grip technology.

SENTECH offers the comprehensive SpectraRay/4 software for use with the SENDURO®MEMS platform.

Automated quality control in Sensor & MEMS productionThin Film Metrology for MEMS & SENSORS

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